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Japan can be an attractive market for many businesses. Japan has the 3rd largest economy in the world, is the 4th largest importer and exporter and has the 11th largest population (127 million).

From small businesses selling physical goods online to mid-sized businesses looking for a possible partnership in Japan, having online presence is the key to success in Japan.

Our services mainly focus on Web/ Online based solutions, but we also provide various solutions such as project management and translation in Japan.

Promoting a website in Japan

Developing a website in Japanese is the first step to build online presence in Japan. You could add a Japanese page to your current website or build a new website from scratch in Japanese. It is important to know that building a website in Japanese doesn’t generate a big traffic or sales by itself. Your Japanese website needs to be promoted online.

Here are a few points that illustrate our services:
  • Ensure easy to read Japanese writing instead of translation
  • Integrate global web services
  • Build a hassle free website for Japanese people (incl. proper Japanese encoding)
  • Plan with Japanese web standards such as accepted payment methods
  • Optimize Search Engine (SEO) in Japanese
  • Propose with market insights in Japan
  • Suggest Japanese business customary, rules and regulations

Learn more about our Web Design and Online Marketing here.

Project Management in Japan

When starting a business or conducting a market study in Japan, it is critical to have a trusted local staff to drive your project oversea. On top of the online services, we also help businesses run projects in Japan.

Here are examples of the projects we have worked on:
  • Arranged Translators
  • Recruited and Managed over 50 Japanese stuff for application developments
  • Researched and Reported Intellectual Property legislation progress
  • Supported non-Japanese investors setting up a Web Hosing company (IDC) in Japan
  • Organised parties with over 50 people of international crowd

We will help you manage a project without hustle in Japan. Learn more about our Project Management here. | Contact us now
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