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About US | INNOUT.jp

About INNOUT.jp

About us | INNOUT.jp

The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry

About Management

Seeing a Country
from Outside

You might find Japan and its culture fascinating, but it might not be so easy for Japanese who never left Japan before.

Many small businesses in Japan don’t see their product or solution is competitive abroad, but I know that is not true from my own experience living and traveling abroad. I always need to convince my clients that their product or solution might be truly appreciated by perspective customers oversea.

I am sure that Japanese market would appreciate something very ordinary in your country as well.

Curiosity towards
Foreign Culture

I must admit that I was tempted to foreign culture since I was small. I started my English study when I was ten years old. Since then, I knew I was going to work globally in the future.

Traveling is one of my favorite ways to enjoy holiday, and I also enjoy learning language of wherever I visit to feel a bit of their culture.


Don’t we all enjoy challenges and big markets?

We admire businesses going abroad. It involves so much uncertainty and risks, and that is the reason why we enjoy working with them. I named this website INNOUT.jp to show our services to help Inbound and Outbound businesses and respect towards them.

From small businesses to global enterprises, we all have someway to enjoy doing business in Japan, and we will work hard to ensure your success in Japan.


Born and raised in Japan.

Graduated University in the US majored in Business Management.

Started a business after working with a few companies such as Global Management Consulting Firm and North American IT Enterprises

Twitter You can follow me (@shingovski) on twitter. I probably only tweet something personal (most likely in Japanese…), but it’s nice to get connected ;)