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Social Media Marketing in Japan |
Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter has become a powerful tool for online marketers in Japan in past few years. Social Media can help you gain online presence and acquire prospective customers.

However, using Social Media as a marketing tool may be challenging to many small to medium sized businesses. And, it becomes almost impossible for businesses to manage social media abroad and in a different language without dedicated local stuff.

We are here to help you build a website integrating Social Media, plan promotion on social media, advertise on social media platform and manage your social media accounts for you.

Integrating Social Media on Website

Is your website integrated with Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+?
You may manage only a specific social media platform such as Facebook, but it is also important to integrate other popular social media on your website. Visitors of your website might want to share information on your website on twitter or google+. Integrating various social media platforms on your website makes it easy for visitors to share your contents to his/her friends.

Facebook Like Box

An example of social media integration is Facebook Like Box. Setting Facebook Like Box at right position can increase number of fans of your Facebook page.

Social Media Promotion/ Campaign

Running promotion on Social Media might gain exposure of your product/ service/ website and attract new fans to your social media networks.

Promotion may be done via contests, giveaways, sweepstakes or any other creative idea to promote your service and/or product.

Facebook Page | Smile GardenFacebook Page | Transitions

Advertising on Social Media

Although you can use most social media for free, advertising on social media will guarantee exposure to target audiences. You can set ad targets on Facebook by geography, language, age, sex, marital status and so forth.

Facebook Advertisement on timelineFacebook Advertisement on side bar

Managing Social Media in Japanese

Managing social media accounts in Japan might be challenging without a dedicated Japanese staff. For most small to medium sized businesses, it might not be easy to find a local staff in Japan with social media management experience and knowledge. But, don’t worry. We can run your social media accounts in Japanese.

You can contact us now for more information.