Web Design/ Web Development

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web design (responsive design) in Japan | INNOUT.jp
Building a website in Japanese is the first step to enter Japanese market.

We provide a range of web design/ develop services in Japan such as web planning, web design, translation and search engine optimization (SEO in Japanese).

Web Planning

When building a website in Japanese, it is preferable to start from scratch with a comprehensive online strategy.

Depending on the goal of your website, we will need to build a plan on how we will achieve the goal. If you want a website used simply as a company brochure, we probably wouldn’t need much strategy. However, it is most likely not the case. For the most cases, we will need a specific plan to attract traffic to the website and achieve the goal.

Your Japanese website might want to follow local business customaries, rules and regulations as well. For example, Act on Specified Commercial Transactions requires websites operating in Japan to post a set of business information on a website. Following local business customaries, rules and regulations can make Japanese consumers and perspective partners feel more comfortable doing business with you.

Web Design

We provide two design plans: template plan and fully customisable design plan. Whichever you choose, we will make sure that design of your website will be easy to navigate for Japanese audiences.

Template Design Plan

We will use template design and layout and adjust color theme to meet your request as well as typography and encoding to display Japanese properly.

  • Short Development Duration
  • Responsive design (smart phone and tablet ready)
  • Basic Graphic Design work (buttons)
  • Photo Materials (up to 1 medium sized photos for free)
  • Favicon
Sample Template Website #1 | INNOUT.jp Sample Template Website #3 | INNOUT.jp

Full Custom Design Plan

Your website will have maximum flexibility of Design to represent your brand or company. You can provide us samples of websites or ideas to portray your vision.

  • Flexible Design
  • Responsive design (smart phone and tablet ready)
  • Standard Graphic Design work (buttons and banners)
  • Photo Materials (up to 3 medium sized photos for free)
  • Favicon
Sample Website Design: VisitUSA | INNOUT.jp Sample Website Design: RiverField | INNOUT.jp

Web Features

We use CMS (Contents Management System) such as WordPress to develop a website unless specifically requested otherwise. Using CMS will make it easy for you to update the website on-going basis.

Basic Website includes following features:
  • Social Media Integration
  • Basic SEO
  • News or Press Release Functionality
  • Contact Form (Mail Form) with Capture Code
  • Slide Show
  • Easy Editing (rich text editor)

If you wish to use a specific CMS or platform such as Ochanoko, we will try to meet your request as much as possible.

Translating to/ from Japanese

Unless you have a native Japanese speaker in house or Japanese partners, translation might be a key to start a successful website in Japan. Managing an output of translation can be challenging unless you understand the language well. Additionally, your brilliant copy writing in English could be poorly translated into Japanese which may not mean anything.

We will make sure your translation will be:
  • Easy to Read, not just translation
  • Attention Grabbing Copy Writing where you want
  • Meta Tags/ Description generated
  • Keywords Optimised for Search Engine (SEO)

You can contact us now for more information.